Monday, November 29, 2010



The Santa Fe T.E.A. Party blog has been named one of the TOP 50 Tea Party blogs in the country! (

As posted before, the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party is under new leadership, so updates can be found on Facebook (see the link below).

As for this site, we will continue to post important information from time to time, but for the latest on the new Santa Fe New Mexico tea party, please see their Facebook page.

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Santa Fe T.E.A. Party has a new leadership committee and and has a new name - the Santa Fe, NM Tea Party - so this site is no longer active.

Please visit the Santa Fe, NM Tea Party on Facebook. Here is the link:

A big THANK YOU to all who supported the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party over the past 18 months. The original organizers are proud to have played a role in helping to energize New Mexicans to stand up against waste, fraud, and corruption, and speak out for fiscal responsibility.

We wish the new tea party group much success in continuing to be a common sense voice for real solutions.

Best Regards,
Santa Fe T.E.A. Party

Friday, July 30, 2010

Correction to July 30 Email

Please note that the date of the Ladies of Liberty Gala is Saturday, August 28th and not the 18th as incorrectly typed!

Vote on August 3rd: SFCC Bond Election

Another Day - Another Tax
The Santa Fe Community College wants your money.

You are asked to vote on this bond issue August 3rd.

This is what you need to know.

To All Santa Fe County Patriots,

Please be aware of the upcoming $35 million Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) bond issue to be voted on by Santa Fe County residents on August 3, 2010. To find your polling place, go to

While the intent of SFCC in wanting to make 4 year+ college education more affordable and accessible to local students is laudale, the current package of projects included in the bond issue is a laundry list of expenditures that are not all financially sound, nor necessarily support the primary goal.

Why is SFCC not building the Higher Education Center at its' Richards Avenue Campus where it already owns plenty of land, instead of buying land downtown from the State?

How is $7 million of roadwork on SFCC property supposed to relieve traffic congestion in and around the campus, when the city/county have no plans to improve feeder roads into the campus area?

How is the expenditure of $7.5 million to convert to solar energy supported when it only produces an energy savings payback of $465,000 per year? At this rate, the payback will never be achieved.

Though they are correct when they say this bond issue "may " reduce the current per mill SFCC portion of our property taxes, they do not say this per mill portion would go down dramatically if the bond issue is defeated, as current and existing general obligation bonds mature. These are just some of the things that make this Bond Issue questionable.

It's too bad SFCC did not cut or remove entirely some of these extraneous project to lower the overall amount of $35 million, to make this bond more fiscally responsible and truly supportive of its' goal, and held this vote on November 2.

But as it stand now, in its' current form, please consider a vote of " NO " on August 3

I urge you all to be aware of this bond issue election, get educated on its' content, and vote on August 3, making your own decision. BUT please get out and vote!!!!!!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!.

To find out more about the bond issue you can go to

In these type of elections even the smallest numbers can prevail. Please vote!!!

" America is not a country of the majority, but a country of the majority who participate"

---Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The following is an Op-Ed published in the Albuquerque Journal. The Santa Fe T.E.A. Party urges all citizens to demand accountability from our elected officials. Please read ... and take action! Write letters to the editor. Contact your State Representive and State Senator. Contact the Attorney General's office.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CYFD Ignored Rule of Law

By Hal Stratton And Heather Wilson
Former Attorney General Former Secretary of CYFD

After over 30 years of observing government in New Mexico, it is difficult to be shocked by incompetence or illegal acts on the part of some that serve in state government. However, the recent debacle by the governor and the state Children Youth and Families Department cannot go without comment.

This agency reports through its spokesman that in 2006 then secretary of CYFD, Mary-Dale Bolson, "suspended" a duly promulgated regulation that provides that "any time juvenile justice services staff determines a client is a foreign national the staff immediately notifies the bureau of immigration and customs enforcement (ICE)."

There's a catch here, however.

A duly promulgated regulation has the effect of law and cannot be "suspended" without going through the proper administrative procedure and due process of law.

Because CYFD acted as if this regulation did not exist, CYFD failed to notify ICE and released Juan Gonzalez when he was charged with molesting a 3-year-old girl and raping a 6-year-old boy in 2005 when he was found not competent to stand trial. He walked.

Then, in 2008 Gonzalez was arrested again for (allegedly) raping a 4-year-old.

CYFD again acted as if this regulation didn't exist. When the case fell apart because the 4-year-old and her family disappeared, CYFD didn't call ICE to have Gonzalez deported as they are required to do. They released him back into New Mexico society.

A first-year law student learns that neither a cabinet secretary, the governor nor even the president can "suspend" a validly promulgated regulation.

Due process requires that to amend or repeal any regulation, the agency must engage in an administrative procedure involving a hearing and an opportunity for the public to comment.

And, if the lawyers at CYFD, who reportedly advised the secretary that she could "suspend" the regulation had difficulty in law school, all they had to do was read the state CYFD statute on the matter which states "no regulation affecting any person or agency outside the department shall be adopted, amended or repealed without a public hearing on the proposed action before the secretary or a hearing officer designated by the secretary."

This week, when their responsibility for this devastating chain of events became all too clear, the governor directed that CYFD partially comply with its own regulation and tell ICE when they have violent criminals or sex offenders in custody who are foreign nationals.

His lawyers apparently didn't do too well in law school, either.

He can't and shouldn't tell a department to only comply with their rules in some cases. If he wants to change the promulgated rule and stop telling ICE about illegal immigrants arrested for crimes like drug trafficking, stealing cars or burglary, he has to direct the department to engage in a rulemaking to change the regulations that should have been governing their conduct all along.

In fact, we wonder if he or the lieutenant governor, who chairs the Children's Cabinet, told Bolson to "suspend" the rules back in 2006.

It certainly would have been consistent with their policy views — policy views that they appear to be modifying now that their horrific consequences are so abundantly clear.

Neither the lawyers, nor the CYFD secretary nor the governor, for that matter, had any regard for the rule of law, due process, the Constitution or the victims....

They believed and apparently still believe they are above the law and that they are able to dictate what the law should be rather than what it actually is.

The Richardson administration did not want to enforce the regulation, for whatever reason, so, rather than engage in the legal process to change the law, they just substituted their own view of what they wanted the law to be.

And now, because of the administration's arrogance and chutzpah, another innocent child, a 6-year-old little girl playing at a local gym has her life shattered by the act of a (suspected) criminal that could have been prevented.

Well, governor, you're a little late. How about appointing secretaries and public servants to state government who really mean it when they swear to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of this state? And rather than directing them as to which laws they should enforce, have them enforce them all as enacted or promulgated.

And, please remember, as John Adams taught us, we are a government of laws, not of men — or at least we should be.

It works better that way.

Hal Stratton is the former N.M. attorney general and former chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Heather Wilson is the former Cabinet Secretary of CYFD and a former member of Congress.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Understanding the Tea Party Network - Who's In Charge?

Individual tea party groups started to spring up all around the country early in 2009. For the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party, it started with Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC as the stock market began to tumble and the federal government was in full bail-out mode. I suspect that this is how many tea party groups started. Speaking only on behalf of the Santa Fe group, we are completely local, grass roots, take no direction from anyone outside of our group, and take no money from any outside group. We determined our own Mission Statement and decide what issues to advocate for.

The common tie is that we share in a general philosophy. Many groups, such as the 20+ groups in New Mexico, network to share ideas, projects, and event information.

Once the tea party movement started to pick up steam, several people started to set up national organizations in order to capture the momentum and effectiveness of the people involved in local tea parties around the country. It appears to us that there has been an attempt for these organizations to claim that they are the leaders of this movement.

In our opinion, there is no national leader of the movement. There are national figures who support the ideals and goals of the movement. There are organizations that help to promote the movement. But the vast majority of tea parties are still grass roots, local entitites.

Some of the national groups that have sprung up are:

Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Express
Tea Party Nation
Freedom Works
Patriot Vetting
And many more ...

The rise of the many national and local groups is a clear indication that there is a hunger for leadership for conservative principles that neither party has provided. These national groups are trying to capitalize on that sentiment.

It is a good thing that these smaller local groups joined together by the hundreds of thousands in common philosophy to make a bold statement at the national and regional rallies. This has allowed the movement to have more power and to mobilize even more concerned citizens into activism. How many times have we heard a tea party supporter say that this is the first time they have ever attended a rally?

Some confusion has resulted in the past week over whether or not the Santa Fe T.E.A. Party is a member of one or more of the national organizations. Here are the facts.

To promote our rallies, we posted our contact information on most of the national sites - any that we could find. This seemed to be the most effective way of promoting our events. We were unaware that by doing so would indicate that we became a "member" of any of these groups.

Since it is difficult to determine exactly who is in charge of these groups, and what their motives and objectives are, we did not and do not wish to have a formal affiliation with a national group at all. We will stand on our own principles, on our own agenda, on our own actions. At the same time, we will support the general goal of the tea party movement as a whole.

We also hope to continue to network with other groups and share information so that we can continue to work together to affect change at all levels of government. There are many good people working hard in New Mexico and around the country on behalf of freedom, liberty, individual rights, states rights, and Constitutionality. We commend them all for stepping up to the plate and becoming active in the political process. We may not always agree with each other on specific issues, but hopefully we will continue to join forces on the issues we do agree with.

Our Mission Statement is posted on this blog for you to read.

Monday, May 24, 2010


The following is the press release sent out upon approval of the Santa Fe TEA Party organizing committee on Monday, May 24, 2010:

May 23, 2010


This past week a press release was issued from a gubernatorial campaign with the headline stating that the head of the New Mexico Tea Party was endorsing the candidate. The Santa Fe T.E.A. Party wants to clarify the misconceptions in this announcement.

The individual supporting this candidate did state in the text of the press release that she is supporting the candidate as an individual and does not speak for any tea party group. Unfortunately, the campaign wrote a misleading headline to create the impression that the support was from a large coalition of tea parties across the state.

This is not true. Complaints to the campaign were made and requests to correct the headline were ignored.

New Mexico tea party groups are autonomous, grass roots organizations and are not run by or influenced by any state or national organization. No state or national organization speaks for the individual tea parties or directs their activities in any way.

The Santa Fe T.E.A. Party is made up of a diverse group of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Consistent with its Mission Statement, the Santa Fe T.E.A. party does not endorse candidates for any office. We encourage our members to research all candidates and make their own decisions about whom to support – regardless of party affiliation. Our focus as a group is advocating our core issues – taxes, deficit, government spending, adherence to the Constitution, and limited governmental intervention on personal rights.

Of the personal issues that tea party supporters care most about, honesty and integrity are at the top of the list. We expect and demand accuracy in any public statement made by currently elected officials and candidates.

The Santa Fe T.E.A. party believes that political spin is not just deceptive; it is an attempt to sway voter opinion using wrong or misleading information and is an insult to the voters who take the time to research the facts. We call on all candidates to run their campaigns based on facts and focused on issues – especially our core issues.

Santa Fe T.E.A. Party

#### Let Freedom Ring ####

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Attorney General Meeting, Tea Party Rally,

Below is information for the events on Wednesday, May 12th. If you cannot be at the rally but wish to participate, see our "VIRTUAL RALLY" information at the end of this post.

10:00 am
Santa Fe TEA Party member Ed Brown, attorney Randy Bevis, Dr. Rick Morlen, ABQ TEA Party activist Sylvia Bokor and former Congresswoman Heather Wilson will meet with Attorney General Gary King to deliver petitions with over 3500 signatures from New Mexico voters from all over the state. The petition will urge the Attorney General to join the 21 other states in filing suit to stop the new health care reform from being implemented in New Mexico. Key points are the costs, unfunded mandates and states' rights. The petition is attached.

10:30 am
Tea Party supporters and those who support our petition to urge the A.G. to join in fighting the new health care mandates will gather on the West side of the Capitol and hold a rally. People are expected from Santa Fe, Farmington, ABQ, East Mtn. Tea Party, possibly others. A donation box will be available. Copies of the Constitution will be available. The supporters will line the sidewalk as the five who met with the attorney general make their way to the Capitol.

11:30 am (approximately 15 minutes)
Press Conference on the steps of the Capitol, West Side. The media has been invited.

Post rally get together at Rio Chama Steakhouse. (If you plan to join us at Rio Chama, please respond to the survey on the side bar.)


For those who cannot attend the rally in person, we have a way to 'virtually' participate!

Here's how: We are asking people to send an email to the Attorney General between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. Emails can be submitted through the Attorney General's website ( at this link:

We would like to know how many emails were sent - if possible, everyone should send a quick email to to let us know they participated in this email blast. They can copy the text of their email if they want to. The text of the email should read something like this:

To Attorney General Gary King:

Since I am not able to attend the meeting with you this morning, I am sending my views via email. I urge you to join the 21 other states who have filed suit against the Federal Government to prohibit the mandated health care reform on the citizens of New Mexico. Please consider the costs to New Mexico taxpayers, the violation of states' rights, and the impact on health care services to the voters of New Mexico. Please register my support for the petitions being delivered today.

Sincerely, Name, Address, City, Zip. (Their address should be the same as on their voter registration.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TWO "MUST READS" and Breaking News!

In the left column, there are two things you must read! The first is "Now Is The Time", the text of the speech given by Sheryl Bohlander at the April 15, 2010 Tax Day TEA Party on the historic Santa Fe Plaza.

The second is an Op-Ed by former Congresswoman Heather Wilson about the facts in Obamacare.

Breaking news today - Oklahoma has passed House Joint Resolution 1054 - Freedom of Health Care Choice Act - and is now on its way to the Oklahoma Governor to sign. In my opinion, Oklahoma is OK!

Hope to see you at the pre-press conference rally at the State Capitol, 10:30 am on May 12th and the press conference at 11:30!